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The two production plants are located in north-eastern Italy in Cittadella, province of Padua, and Riese Pio X, province of Treviso, 15 km from each other. The overall area is 50,000 square metres, 20,000 of which are covered. The two rolling mills guarantee a high production capacity of over 100,000 tons per year and are designed for the production of thin excellent quality blades. 

We produce made-to-measure quality according to customer requirements.

The two factories are able to satisfy worldwide granite blade requirements with unbeatable production and delivery times. The hot rolled flat bars we offer satisfy niche requirements for thin blades which are difficult to find on the market.
Considerable investments in plant modernisation have been made over the years in order to develop and offer the products and services required by the market. In 2003 a new goods storage area was built in the deposit at Riese.


The characteristic that distinguishes Ferriera di Cittadella is the continuity of the products it offers, the technical support and promptness in meeting customer needs.

We are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. This means superior product research, design and development. Ferriera di Cittadella differs due to its quality control system for both incoming raw materials and during production.
The material purchased is rolled only if it complies with the parameters established by the regulations.

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