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  • Ferriera di Cittadella was established in the 50s as a firm specialising in hot metal rolling. Experimentation with granite cutting began at the end of the 50s. At that time, there were approximately 30 manufacturers of marble cutting blades in Italy.
    The product was successful due to its quality and consistent performance. Deposits were set up at Carrara, Bagni di Tivoli, Verona and Trapani. The company exported to the Middle East and mainly to Iran

  • This was an important period during which the company worked with the machinery manufacturers and sawmills of Carrara.

    The marble frames were modified, and the use of silica sand was replaced by metal grit. Granite began to be cut.

    The Corsi Nicolai, Biselli and Locati Lucani sawmills were among the pioneers of this experimental phase.

    Cutting a block into slabs took 2 months.


    In the 60s the grooved blade was developed for marble from a French patent. Ferriera di Cittadella obtained working of the patent. The mechanical and chemical characteristics of the materials were modified, and the old patent was adapted to granite cutting

    The grooved blade for granite was developed.

    The grooved blades become an exclusive Ferriera di Cittadella product. They are the ideal tool for perfect cutting and low consumption of abrasive during polishing. They permit effective cost control in the processing of granite.

    Pre-tensioning – “stretching” The technique of stretching stems from the need to create a blade with reduced elongation. This procedure was conceived by FC to reduce the problems of blade deformation during cutting.

  • The old machines began to be replaced with new ones at the Cittadella factory; automatic machines for stretching are designed. The plant now produces blades only.

    The factory at Riese Pio X absorbs the production of hot rolled flat bars at Cittadella and continues development and research in the sector of special steels.

    The first deposit is opened abroad, in Spain.

  • The twenty-year patent protecting the previous techniques expires and they are copied by competitors all over the world but the quality is inferior and does not come up to the standards of our rolling process and technical specifications.
    Blades are produced to customer specifications in terms of both quality and thickness.
    The ability to roll thin sheets and create superior products are the characteristics that have enabled Ferriera di Cittadella to keep one step ahead of its competitors, increasing its share of a growing market.

    Production increases. The increase in exports is constant. The world granite cutting market depends on our product and its development in terms of quantity and quality.
    The market share of Ferriera di Cittadella is estimated to be over 85% of the world market.
    Italy absorbs 50% of the FC production.

  • The growth in demand also leads to modernisation of the plants for special steels.

    The factory at Riese Pio X is expanded, updated and developed.

  • The new cutting techniques and developments in technology have not offered valid alternatives to cutting with the traditional frame, hence the need for increasingly technical blades with hardness that adapts to the type of frame, mechanical stress and increasing speeds. Cutting a block into slabs takes 4/5 days.

    New granite processing markets open up.

    FC organises its facilities accordingly, setting up offices and factories in the various continents in order to offer the best possible service also for its most far-flung customers. Ferriera di Cittadella becomes a multinational group with offices, branches and deposits.

    Spain, India, Brazil and Taiwan become reference markets.
    The foreign markets absorb 80% of the FC production.

  • Ferriera di Cittadella continues product development via its technical office and research and development department. The results of the new blade designs are tested at its headquarters.

    The company maintains ongoing contacts with sawmills.

    The blade that restores the cutting surface is developed: FC Plus.

  • Despite the recession and emergence of the Asiatic countries, the company’s technique and quality enable it to maintain the lead.

    Plant modernisation and expansion continue with new premises for storage of materials.

    The production of hot rolled flat bars continues to be in demand on the market.

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