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When ordening indicate the following measures:
     A   Width
     B   Thickness
     C   Total Length

In hot rolled budles: 2 ÷ 2,5 tons

N° 2 flat steel of 20X5 mm + 3 steel of Ø 3 mm per bundle.

Tag to identify the bundle, nr. of casting, steel, dimention, dimentional variation, weight.

Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Type 3.1.B according to EN 10204
Ü Label for construction hot rolled

Hot rolled flat bar 40 days.

Hot rolled flat bars shown in the chart: 2 tons
Hot rolled flat bars of different dimension: 6 tons

Certification UNI ENI ISO 9001:2008

Permissible weight variation on deliveries
Nominal Thickness     5 Tons and above     less than 5 Tons
          3 ÷ 5 mm                         ± 6%                              ± 8%
          5 ÷ 11 mm                         ± 4%                             ± 5,3%

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